Now that the lock up for the VCAP-DCA5 is over

We can now talk about it.  I have to say I think its a fair test and with a lot of good tasks.  It is very similar to the CCIE, in which you have to work on a real network (or in this case, a real virtual lab (hows that for an oxymoron)) vs just answering some multiple choice questions that you can sometimes get right even if you have no idea of the content of the question.

Last summer I did sit the VCAP-DCA4, passed, and you can certainly see some crossover from it, however the test absolutely hit on some features specific to vSphere 5.  Pretty happy with it even though it was a beta, sure, there were some things that didn’t work as expected and certainly somethings I didn’t have experience with — however I do feel the test went really well.

I can’t say I found deviation from the blueprint as on VMwares site, so if the results don’t come back in my favor, I certainly know what to brush up on and will hurry back to get this taken care of.