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Hi, I’m Nick.  I’m another tech guy who has been working with computers since 1983 on a Commodore 64 (and perhaps we should use the term ‘computer’ loosely when mentioning that machine).  I later got a Commodore 128D, Amiga 2000 and several other C-64s before joining the PC crowd in 1992 with a 486dx-33.

I’ve won Doom tournaments, hit the platinum cap in EverQuest, powerleveled toons incredibly fast in World of Warcraft.  These days I’m not so much a gamer but more of a hacker of current technologies.  Virtualization has made computing fun on so many levels, there are so many things you can do and do them so fast!

Computers/Technology  are certainly my passion and things certainly come and go in this field.  Back then Novell was all the rage when it came to networking (NE2000 and Netware Lite anyone).  These days its Virtualization.  Everything is converging.  No more are the days that one will contact the server team or the network team, or whatever team — server guys are expected to know about storage.  Networking teams are expected to know about applications.  This move will continue as everyone races to the cloud.

I’m very much a certification nut, so expect to see lots and lots of stuff regarding that from me.  I love measurable goals, for the specific reason that you will know when you have obtained it.  Certifications have changed over the years, no doubt.  Back in 1999 when I got my CCNA (the 1st time) it was then-regarded as pretty good.  Over the years it lost some of its value but it has come back in recent years because I can remember the last time I recertified CCNA the test was certainly challenging in the fact that someone wasn’t generally going to read Todd Lammles book and pass it the next day.


So jump on and enjoy the ride!



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